Handpicking the apartments, we dedicate for business travellers ensures a consistent level of calibre throughout. Since opening we have continued this approach when adding to our corporate portfolio, ensuring not to compromise on our rooted value of excellence. Our corporate portfolio consists of one and two-bedroom apartments primarily found bordering the City of London.

All our apartments are fully furnished; equipped with a functioning kitchen, laundry facilities and a homely living space – ready to live in from the first step. Unlike a hotel room stay, your stay will not be compromised by no cooking facilities, slow internet or dull interior.

A major challenge for corporate travel buyers is cutting costs while locating a quality type of accommodation. Unsurprisingly, more and more of these buyers have found serviced apartments to be the solution. Business travellers appreciate this flexible way to stay, allowing more space for working, collaboration, unwinding, dining and resting.


London is still considered the financial capital of the world and was recently crowned the most popular city in the world for work. Naturally, the demand for relocation for professionals is high in the city. Our range of apartments are particularly suited towards professionals relocating to London for a medium or long length stay. Whether you are an executive coming to meet clients, a small group of partners discovering London first-hand or even a businessperson wishing to bring their family on holiday we have the right solution for you.


Central locations: Most of our apartments lie within Zone 1 and are under 0.5 miles from an underground station.

Unlimited Wi-Fi: Somewhat shockingly it is still common to be charged for right of internet access. Of course, our fast speed Wi-Fi comes without any data restrictions.

Room size: The monotonous interior of many stay options can quickly become depressing, especially after a long period of time. Each of our apartments have an individual interior, bringing out a unique character. Furthermore, a spacious living area, with a separate bedroom diminishes the likelihood of developing cabin fever.

Fully furnished: Stepping into a fully furnished apartment means it is ready to live in straight away. No need to waste time and expenses on purchasing essential amenities.

Unrestricted dining: A kitchen equipped with tableware and cooking utensils can be the influencing factor when deciding on a serviced apartment or hotel. Why rely on the limited choice and wait for room service, or even worse, the unhealthy and overpriced minibar.

Power sockets: This one may seem like a petty issue. However, we say the more power the better! Whenever we add to our portfolio of apartments, we adhere to a list of requirements of the typical business traveller, which includes an abundance of sockets.

Complimentary cleaning service: Each apartment is subject to a weekly cleaning service free of charge and regardless of the guests’ length of stay. The clean can be more frequent if requested.