Our range of accommodations is suited for those relocating to London for long stays. Whether you are an executive coming for business, a group seeking opportunities or a businessperson wishing to bring their family, we have the right solution for you.

One of our company values is honesty. And to be completely honest, a serviced accommodation is not the optimum choice for every traveller. Typically, guests who are seeking a medium to long term stay best suit a serviced accommodation – they will benefit from homelike comforts and the cost effectiveness.

For the traveller who has steadily developed a loathing towards the monotony of a hotel room, SERVPROP is a refreshing alternative. Cooking aficionados will instantly take to the fully functioning kitchen, cooking utensils and dining tables. Cameras outside the buildings and advanced locking systems emphasise the importance we put on security, assuring families they can feel safe during their stay with us.

The SERVPROP experience offers a level of comfort and freedom that a hotel room simply cannot. Many travellers find hotels restrictive and inflexible with their outdated policies. We believe the happiest guest can maintain the same lifestyle during their travels as they can in the bliss of their own home.


  • Fully furnished
  • Modern kitchen
  • Three times more space than the average hotel room
  • Meet & Greet concierge
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Weekly clean
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi